Best Toys for Solo Play

Best Toys for Solo Play

Speaking of vibrators in hand, when you need a pick-me-up of pleasure try the Enby. This travel-sized vibe is silky smooth and has a “pleasure groove” at its tip which provides highly focused stimulation. The Orange Shell Vibrator has a oval shape and is held easily between your fingers. Use your fingers to squeeze the tips closed for more targeted intensity.

Do You Believe In Magic?

Hitachi Magic Wand can cause a paradigm shift in how you relate to pleasure. It’s the sort of sex toy women write love letters about. The Hitachi Magic Wand we carry in our store has all the perks of the original classic, plus it’s rechargeable. This is A Very Big Deal for those who have struggled with the short cord range of the previous model. As a word of caution, this is not a toy to use if you have thin walls or lots of housemates. The Hitachi has a powerful motor, but it is unmistakably loud and you will be too when using it.

The Hitachi is so iconic that its design has become a blueprint for smaller, quieter options. The Ayu Finger rings (1 pair) fits on your fingers, or travel luggage, and is much more discreet. On the other hand (or phalange) the Finger Wand will turn any bullet vibe into a magical digital enhancement.

Masturbation Month is all about celebrating yourself and your body by centering your own pleasure. Take advantage of this time to be selfish in all the best ways possible by giving your body what it craves. In these times, we all could use an orgasm break (or three).

Pleasure Extension

It’s true that you know your body better than any partner ever will. Still, there are some itches that can be quite challenging to scratch on your own. Your fingers can slip-slide their way around your clit with an unparalleled intuition, and yet digital penetration may still come up short. What’s a couple more inches? Everything. Dildos can provide these deeper sensations, but sometimes your own hand is the most adaptable to the nuanced movements your body craves.

Enter the TWO Finger Extender (pun intended). One of our bestsellers from the Wet For Her line of lesbian sex toys, this understated toy must be experienced to be fully appreciated. Not every toy needs bells, whistles, or motors to take solo and partnered play to new mind-blowing levels. Designed to fit snug over two fingers, the fingertips of this toy are solid silicone which provides a delightful extra heft. The gentle curve of this toy works to hit the perfect spot, and we promise your back will be arching in no time.

Move To Your Own Beat

The Lelo Siri 2 is the musical prodigy of sex toys. Music and sex are emotional and sensory experiences. The Lelo Siri 2 aims to blend and blur those experiences together by vibrating responsively with ambient sounds in the environment. By "ambient sounds" we mean anything from your sexy-times playlist to the laugh track on your favorite sitcom to the rhythm of your BDSM play. Your voice, the moans of your favorite porn stars, the sound of Gillian Anderson’s wicked sense of humor… you get the idea.

The Siri 2 also utilizes multiple vibration patterns inspired by musical genres from classical to techno. If you have an auditory kink you’d like to reinforce with pleasurable vibrations, this is the toy for you. And if sexual ASMR isn’t what gets you off, this powerful vibe still will. 

Not into a soundtrack? The Vibrating Sensor Touch is a strap-on dildo in tune with *your* rhythm, literally. This waterproof vibrating dildo has a suction cup base and will likely become a regular part of your showertime routine. The Sensor Touch responds to your body; the harder your PC muscles tighten around it, the more intense its motor hums in reply.

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