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  • Valentine's Day Gift Guide
    The first official Valentine's Day is subject to debate. Many attribute the holiday to Pope Gelasius who declared February 14th a day of feasts to celebrate the martyred Saint Valentine. This festival replaced Lupercalia, the pagan holiday of fertility and sex. Over the years the meaning and celebration style has evolved, but Cupid the Roman God of Love remains connected to the holiday.
  • The Perfect Sex Toy For Your Zodiac Sign

    The next time you shrug off astrology as the source of the world’s cheesiest pickup lines, think again. Much can be learned from studying archetypes, and the zodiac signs are one of humanity’s oldest traditions for considering personality types.

  • Your Roadmap to the Female Erogenous Zones

    When it comes to female erogenous zones, there seems to be an outdated list floating around. This list focuses on only a few obvious spots, such as the clitoris and nipples. Yet, there are so many other sexually-arousing areas to explore!

  • Help! I Have A Low Sex Drive!
    If you’re experiencing a low-sex drive right now, you’re not alone. An American study in the journal Jama Network Open found that people are having less sex than ever before, and diminishing libidos are trending worldwide. Psychologist Jean Twenge, who studies Americans' sex lives, told Insider that multiple factors are driving the decline in sexual activity, and as a global pandemic drags on, its ramifications will continue to deflate our desire. Below are a few reasons why you may have lost your libido and some suggestions for how to get it back.
  • What’s the Buzz About Bullet Vibrators?
    Bullet vibrators might be tiny, but they pack a real punch. Keep reading to learn more about these discrete but buzz-worthy toys.
  • More Ways To Play During Strap-On Sex

    This Isn’t Your First Rodeo

    For folks who love strap-on sex, a harness can become something of a second skin. Harnesses and Double-Dildos offer hands-free intimacy and pleasure to both parties. However, more than just sex toys, strap-ons can open whole new arenas for sexual play on an individual and partnered level.

    If you’re new to strap-on sex, check out our Strap-Ons: Where To Start? post for tips on buying and using your first harness. This is also a great guide to get a sense of the variety available if you want to switch up your harness style

  • Introducing Role Play Into Your Sex Life
  • Guide To Spanking


    Let your fantasies run wild. Get creative enough and you can work a good spank into almost any roleplay fantasy. Common themes include changing age, gender, or sexual orientation; but really any aspect of your character can be evolved. This might involve creating a temporary power play dynamic, even if that is outside the norm for your relationship.

  • Celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day

    Any Percentage Is “Enough”

    As a a female-lead queer business, Wet For Her understands that sexuality isn’t simple. Our community is built by and for women who love women. While this is our truth, we know that love is vast and complex. Many women who love women also love other genders, and we want those folks to feel welcome and valid here too.

  • Heatwave Sex Tips

    Cultivate Your Own Chill

    Temperature play can be fun in any weather, but when the outside world reaches extreme heat you may find your body shivering with delight at the thought of an icy cold touch. The heatwave is your excuse to lean into all things chilly! The hotter your body is, the more intense (and pleasurable) the introduction of cold will be for your senses.

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