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  • Introducing Role Play Into Your Sex Life
  • Guide To Spanking


    Let your fantasies run wild. Get creative enough and you can work a good spank into almost any roleplay fantasy. Common themes include changing age, gender, or sexual orientation; but really any aspect of your character can be evolved. This might involve creating a temporary power play dynamic, even if that is outside the norm for your relationship.

  • Celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day

    Any Percentage Is “Enough”

    As a a female-lead queer business, Wet For Her understands that sexuality isn’t simple. Our community is built by and for women who love women. While this is our truth, we know that love is vast and complex. Many women who love women also love other genders, and we want those folks to feel welcome and valid here too.

  • Heatwave Sex Tips

    Cultivate Your Own Chill

    Temperature play can be fun in any weather, but when the outside world reaches extreme heat you may find your body shivering with delight at the thought of an icy cold touch. The heatwave is your excuse to lean into all things chilly! The hotter your body is, the more intense (and pleasurable) the introduction of cold will be for your senses.

  • Guide to Transmasculine Toys

    Open Doors Mean Fewer Gatekeepers

    Our founding mission was to amplify lesbian voices and design sex toys that focus on women’s pleasure. Back in 2009 the majority of sex toy products hitting the market targeted heterosexual couples. Single or queer women were an afterthought to the industry, or erased entirely. So we started Wet For Her to promote pleasure and healthy sexuality for lesbian and bisexual women. 

    As our company has grown and evolved, so has our community. Our awareness has grown too. We know that not everyone who shops with us identifies as a lesbian or even as a woman. Transgender communities are especially vulnerable to erasure, even though their presence is deeply intertwined with the “L” in LGBTQ’s shared history. 

    With this in mind, our online shop offers a curated collection of transmasculine focused products. Much more than sex toys, these gender-affirming tools connect trans folks to their bodies and sexuality in deeper and more radical way. 

  • Science Of Sex Dreams

    While You Were Sleeping

    Sleeping is a critical part of the human body’s restorative process. Taking a nightly pause lets your body repair damaged cells, produce hormones, and calm the autonomic nervous system. It's also when your brain converts information collected that day into long-term memories.

  • The Lesbian Sex Survey Part II


    Listening and valuing the feedback we receive from our community is central to the Wet For Her mission. In an industry that’s dominated by male's visions, we originally set out to break the (dildo) mold and create completely new objects of pleasure with lesbians in mind. As the years have flown by, the Wet For Her product line has expanded to six unique toys and our market reach has expanded to a global scale. 

  • Intimacy From A Distance

    Safe Cybering

    Social distancing measures have disrupted the dating and sex lives of most people. Humans are social creatures that as a group are a pretty horny bunch, so this whole staying-inside-alone thing has required a massive paradigm shift. If you weren’t using your digital devices for sexy-times pre-pandemic, chances are it has crossed your mind since this all started.

  • Best Toys for Solo Play

    A Vibrator In Hand Is Worth Two In Your Bush

    That’s how the proverb goes, right? Maybe it’s the other way around. In any case, we think vibrators are extremely valuable both in your hand *and* your bush. Since May is International Masturbation Month, we decided to celebrate our favorite solo play toys!

  • 7 Tips for Shower Sex

    Water is Elemental

    Social distancing doesn't have to mean disconnecting. Still, many folks are finding it hard to let go of anxieties and stay connected to their own bodies. Water can be a healing tool that grounds the present moment and helps soothe mind and body. Taking a hot bath or shower can be one of the best ways to reconnect with your physical self. 

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