Gender Affirming Gear

  • What is Gender-Affirmative Care?
    What is Gender-Affirmative Care?
    Gender affirmative care (GAC) are steps, actions, and goals taken upon the initiative to provide affirming care and response to individuals who identify as transgender, non-binary, or gender non-conforming (GNC).
  • What is a Packer and How to Use One
    What is a Packer and How to Use One
    Packers are phallic shaped objects, usually made out of silicone, which can be placed in the wearer’s underwear to simulate the look of having a penis. It is particularly used by folks in the transmasculine community, however, it is also popularly used by drag kings and gender non-conforming and gender fluid individuals wanting to experiment with certain looks to combat gender dysphoria. Ultimately, packers are great for anyone wanting to try out the look of carrying a penis. How fun!