Heatwave Sex Tips

Heatwave Sex Tips

Heatwave Sex Tips

Summer is a force to be reckoned with in any year, but 2020 is delivering sweltering late-summer temperatures across much of Europe and the United States. Heatwaves impact all aspects of daily life, so it can be a real bummer if the soaring temperatures burn out any erotic potential. That's why we’ve put together our top pointers for keeping your summer sex life sizzling while keeping the rest of your life cool.

Sex At Dawn

Sex is hot and sweaty – which can be part of the fun – but there’s a limit to your body's heat tolerance before the idea of touching (or being touched) is far less tantalizing. When temperatures start climbing to their summer peak, it’s time to find ways to cool off your love life in the sexiest way possible.

Try working with nature, rather than against it. Heat builds over the course of the daylight hours so the hottest time is generally between noon and 3pm when the sun is still high in the sky.

While the outside temperature cools off at night, your body might still feel depleted in the evenings after a long day in the sun. Heat exhaustion is no laughing matter and does nothing to get you or your lover in the mood.

The solution? Morning sex! Maybe not quite at dawn, but you get the idea. The earth is coolest after the dark hours of night and your body has the highest energy reserves. The morning also happens to be when the body’s hormone levels are highest, including those responsible for your libido. The REM sleep cycle increases blood flow to the genitals; even if your dreams aren't sexual, or you don’t remember them, you may wake up feeling extra frisky.

Our collection of underwear-style harnesses, both boxer and brief designs, are comfortable enough to wear all night so you wake up ready for play. We also recommend keeping your favorite vibe within arm’s reach of your bed to seize any opportunity for sunrise sexy times.

Get Wet In Every Way

Water is life and your body needs plenty of it to get in the mood. The impact of dehydration on your mind, body, and sexual experiences cannot be overstated. Physical effects of dehydration include reduced mental capacity and perception of both pain and pleasure. It also reduces blood volume resulting in sluggish blood circulation which hampers the body’s arousal cycle. When your body is well hydrated there is more oxygen present in your blood, and higher oxygen levels help the body to achieve orgasm.

We are big advocates of lube in basically every sexual scenario. When summer temperatures skyrocket we recommend doubling down on your lube usage. Dehydration symptoms include vaginal dryness, so be generous with your favorite vagina-friendly lubricant. Generous use of lubes like Sliquid’s Organic Water-Based formula will ensure comfort and pleasure during your entire sexual experience.

Cultivate Your Own Chill

Temperature play can be fun in any weather, but when the outside world reaches extreme heat you may find your body shivering with delight at the thought of an icy cold touch. The heatwave is your excuse to lean into all things chilly! The hotter your body is, the more intense (and pleasurable) the introduction of cold will be for your senses.

Most of the dildos in our selection can handle frigid temperatures, but be careful to remove any bullet vibrators before freezing. The batteries and buzzing bits that make certain toys pleasurable are not winterized and should not be subjected to extreme cold.

Some dildos can retain temperatures for longer periods of time, like our new selection of shatterproof glass toys. The Planets dildo is designed for vaginal or anal play, while the Doubler offers two different sized bulbs for penetrative pleasure.

If temperature play turns you on but you’re not yet ready to take a deep dive into frosty penetration, try introducing ice during foreplay. Keep a cup of ice nearby so that you can grab a cube at the right moment. Let the ice melt in your hand and drip over your lover’s body, or hold it in your mouth during oral sex. Or try incorporating tingly sensation toys like Nip Zip into your foreplay by applying to your partner’s nipples. Nip Zip begins working after 1-2 minutes but can continue tingling for up to an hour and amplifies other sensations as well.

Cooling down is the first step towards things heating up in your sex life. Be safe, have fun, and stay wet all summer!