What is an STP (Stand To Pee) Packer?

What is an STP (Stand To Pee) Packer?

A STP (Stand To Pee) Packer is a prosthetic device that allows the wearer to urinate while standing. For many trans men, they are a gender affirming necessity; never leave home without it. Non-binary folks also enjoy the freedom to express themselves and simply pee according to their natural instinct. It’s a wonderful thing!

There are arguably more STPs available today than ever before with new materials and better designs coming out all the time. For those who prefer the appearance of a realistic penis, STP Packers are available in detailed prosthetics with life-like texture. The level of realism varies, along with different sizes, shapes and skin tones.

Other STP packers are simpler funnel-like devices designed more for practical purposes than aesthetics. Wherever your preference lies, STP Packers are made to make you feel at ease when using public restrooms and urinals.

How to Pick the Right Packer

Choosing the right STP prosthetic for your needs depends on your preferred  functionality, realism, and materials used. It also depends a bit on your experience using them.

Are you looking for a beginner friendly STP Packer? Is realism important to you at all? Are you a trans man who needs a realistic option for use in public spaces?  Some models are specifically designed with active lifestyles in mind, and are ideal for activities like hiking trips, camping, and sports. The answer is not a one-size-fits-all.

STP Packers by Wet For Her

Made of super soft silicone, our own STP Packer is lightweight, compact and comes in four skin tone colors. It creates a realistic bulge and comfortably fits in regular or packing underwear. Like all stand to pee prosthetics, it has a funnel-shaped opening that takes your flow down through the shaft and out the tip.

We  love when our customers share their powerful breakthroughs and trans joy after using our products. Every Wet for Her STP made is By and For our beloved LBGTQ+ Community.

Practice Makes Perfect and Other STP Advice

Remember, there is a learning curve when using STP Packers for the first time. Here are a few tips to make the process as smooth as possible:

  • Take stress out of the equation by practicing in the comfort of your own home. Once you have the technique down and feel assured, then venture into the public realm.

  • Position the device so the middle of the funnel or shaft is directly beneath your urethra. Hold the prosthetic firmly in place and try to urinate at a consistent rate.

  • Don’t be put off by a little spillage the first few tries. For easy clean-up, you might consider trying your STP the first time in the shower.

  • A lot of STP Packers do not require harnesses and are meant to be worn with regular or packing undergarments. Packing boxers have O-rings or pouches to hold the device in place, but plain underwear with an easy access fly works just as well. Ease of use really comes down to personal preference, so we recommend experimenting.

  • To avoid accidental leaks, its best to urinate as soon as you feel an inkling to go. Getting the prosthetic out and controlling urine flow can be difficult when your bladder is about to burst.

  • Don’t get discouraged if it takes some time to hone your stand-to-pee techniques. Go at a pace that suits you, and once you feel ready, try using the device in front of the toilet while clothed.

Cleaning Your STP Packer

Good hygiene is imperative when using Stand to Pee devices or FTM Packers. Whether you have a realistic prosthetic or something more basic, it’s best to keep these devices squeaky-clean, and wash well after each use.

Manufacturer’s instructions on cleaning may vary depending on materials used. Most silicone STP Packers can be cleaned in the shower with warm water and regular body soap. Ensure all nooks and crannies are addressed, and after the packer is dry, dust the outside with a little cornstarch to preserve texture.

If you sweat a lot or are prone to yeast infections, a quick rinse under the faucet between uses is a good idea.

Gender Affirming Gear

Wet For Her celebrates every gender, especially yours. If a Stand to Pee prosthetic resonates with you, check out our SAM STP Packer and other trans-masc and gender affirming products. We are here to serve.