Happy Women's History Month 2023

Happy Women's History Month 2023

Happy Women's History Month!

Every March we commemorate and celebrate the likes of many historical women who made their impact on society. Here at Wet for Her, we celebrate the beauty of womanhood with all those identifying as such -- given that we are women-owned, we strive to represent and advocate for all the women who continuously support our brand. We thank you for choosing us for all your sex needs and we are proud to continue to bring safe, pleasurable, and unique sex toys to the queer community, especially this month for those who identify as a femme!

Whether you are lesbian, bisexual, straight, femme, butch, trans, transitioning, AMAB, or non-binary -- we promise to represent and value you this Women's History Month -- and always, really! Thank you to our amazing community for your constant support!

As a special thank you, we are offering a one-of-a-kind offer for this month on all of our products. Wet for Her is the premiere stop for all things queer sex; whether you are on the lookout for a quality strap-on, harness, lube, vibrator, dildo, or even some gender-affirming gear, we have what you are looking for to help build your confidence and elevate your experience in your most intimate moments, whether that be with yourself or with a partner (or several! The more the merrier!). Take $10 off your order of $80 or more now with the discount code WEAREWOMEN

Check out our top toys for Women's History Month while you're at it! And stay tuned to see what we will be releasing in the next coming months!

1. Build Your Pack

The Wet for Her Build Your Pack is the perfect option for the fellow strap-on lover in need of a full kit. Our Build Your Pack bundle allows you to choose from our variety of strap-on harnesses to build the perfect strap-on kit for you and/or your partner(s). At only about $80, this bundle surely is a steal for any femme or queer woman looking for partnered penetration.

2. The BeanZe

We made the base for this dildo with 3 beanlike bumps in the middle of the base contoured by 2 lip-shaped elevations. This allows the wearer of this new uniquely designed base to have stimulation whilst using the dildo on their partner.

The penetrating part of this dildo is slightly curved for more G-spot pleasure. The base gives additional pleasure whilst providing very good stability, especially when used with any Wet For Her harness. We suggest the Jock or the Wet For Her brief harness!

All Wet For Her designed products are ergonomically pleasing and non-realistic, all our own Wet For Her dildos are made with 100% medical grade silicone which is silky soft to the touch and most importantly, body safe for the giver and the receiver!

2. The RockHer

We of course have to plug in our signature product, the RockHer scissoring vibrator!

Elevate your scissoring technique with the RockHer™ Mini Scissoring Vibrator. Created especially with scissoring in mind, this unique toy has 10 vibrational settings and wireless remote control. This scissoring vibrator is a must-have for long-time lovers of frottage and for novices wanting to explore the world of scissoring.

3. The WowHer

The Wow Her is the perfect add-on to your dildo or strap-on play. This clever design fits over any dildo (between the sizes 0.8 inches to 2.4 inches); it provides clitoral stimulation at the same time as penetration. It has 5 vibrational modes to choose from and is USB rechargeable.

Women's History Month is an important time to reflect on the many achievements and contributions of historical women. Here at Wet for Her, we recognize the importance of gender equality and women's rights, and we are proud to honor the legacies of these amazing women. Let us continue to celebrate, uplift, and empower all women everywhere, not just during this month, but every day of the year!