5 Incredibly Fun Sex Toys for Couples

5 Incredibly Fun Sex Toys for Couples

Many sex toy enthusiasts purchase them for enjoyable, playful, and fun solo sex. Did you know fun sex toys for couples are totally a thing, too? Join us for a closer look at five toys you shouldn't miss when planning your next intimate date night with your main squeeze.

Wet For Her is the go-to source for intimacy enhancing, erotic toys that satisfy when you're playing with your partner. Visit our website today to discover our full product range to tease, titillate, and add remarkable sensation and a "wow" factor to your next sexy night in.


DOUBLE DILDO VIBRATING FOUR BLACK SMALL SIZE 4.7 INCH is a fun sex toy for couples from Wet For Her

Now there's a way to enjoy hands-free simultaneous penetration (so you can use those magic fingers for more pleasure everywhere else!) This toy features a "long" side and a short bulb to stimulate different areas for a truly unique sexual experience. 

One of you inserts the shorter, bulb-shaped end into your vagina, while your partner can do the same herself with the extended, two-finger design of the long end. This toy's shape links the two of you in all the good "vibes" you want to experience. 

It comes with a multi-speed vibrating bullet you can recharge again and again. Your hands can then roam freely to create endless pleasure variations you can both enjoy to the max.

The "small" size of this double dildo can be a comfortable entree into the world of partner toys, too. Size up when or if you like, as everyone's anatomy and experience level differ.

Harness and Dildo Packs


The beauty of our harness and dildo packs is that they come in so many shapes, sizes, and styles. This duo-toy is a completely personal choice, which is why we feature so many different options. 

Dildo-harness technology has evolved considerably in the last several years. For ultimate comfort and stamina, you can choose a flat-base dildo or one that's optimized to fit the rise of your vulva. Comfort and sensuality are crucial to enjoying this partner toy combo to the max.

Gone are the days of endless buckles and straps that just don't provide a secure or enjoyable fit. You can choose from an array of briefs, simple and sexy harnesses, bikinis, hipsters, and more. (After all, she who wears the harness and dildo is entitled to just as much pleasure as the receiver!)

Our harness-compatible dildos also come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors to satisfy every preference and curiosity. (Um, our toys ride with you reliably through thick and thin, if you know what we mean, *wink.)

You may also want to try one of our wide array of butt plugs to enhance your dildo-harness experience. There's no reason to miss out on any pleasure, regardless of which side of the harness and dildo you're on. 


FINGER VIBRATOR TEASER GREEN 10 VIBRATIONS is a fun sex toy for couples from Wet For Her

Bigger isn't always better when it comes to partner sex toys. Sometimes you need focused attention and variable intensity designed for the intricacies of the female pleasure center (your clitoris!) 

The soft, body-safe, squishy material shapes to your skin, and with a little lube, moves effortlessly over your most private, pleasurable areas. This sleek design also features several texture options to amp up the sensation at a simple turn of the toy. Plus, the green color is fun and fresh too.

You and your partner can enjoy hours of targeted vibration precisely where it feels best. With ten variable vibration speeds, find the orgasm formula you love to receive and deliver. Bonus: this partner toy is also waterproof, so enjoy it anywhere you love to give or receive pleasure. 

Fully rechargeable with a control lock for travel, this little toy is your discreet friend wherever the mood strikes you and your partner.


BAM BULLET VIBRATOR 3.4 INCH in purple is a fun sex toy for couples.

The best sensations might come in the smallest packages. This little wonder is small but mighty, delivering ten speeds of rhythmic sensory delight over a soft, silicone shaft. Waterproof and fully portable, bring this vibe with you to prepare to end your date night out with several powerful climaxes in, well into the wee hours.

Like all our vibrators, the Bam Bullet comes with a USB recharging cord, so you never worry about battery life again.


RockHer Mini Scissoring Vibrator from Wet For Her

For any newbies out there, scissoring is a delightful and exciting addition to penetration with your partner. While you're arranging your legs and hips for maximal and pleasurable skin-to-skin contact, you can also enjoy stimulating vibes inside, outside, and in between too.

This vibrator curves to your dimensions, delivering variable vibration to your clitoris and on your G-spot through the insertable, ergonomic bulb. 

Once inserted for you or your partner (or both!), you can play in your scissoring technique to gain massive intensity and sensory stimulation. (Hello, orgasm-fest!)

Scissoring allows you the benefit of freeing up your hands for additional erogenous zone play, too. Discover the endless pleasure possibilities that exist with scissoring and our Rockher Mini Scissoring Vibe. You'll enjoy every moment of perfecting your technique.

Safety and cleanliness with your sex toys for couples

Remember, have sensual fun responsibly with your sex toys for couples. Always wash your toys with a toy-safe cleanser or soap and warm water. Store your toys in their containers or bags to avoid dust and lint build-up so they stay responsive and body-friendly. 

Be sure to sanitize your toys between partners, and always get consent before plunging ahead with toy-based playtime. Always check your toy instructions before playing in the bath, shower, or other water sources.

Wet For Her: The source for all the fun sex toys for couples you can handle

We provide the sensual technology for partners to enjoy hours of fun and fantasy, while YOU provide the imagination. Visit our website today to learn more about the products that turn you on and add to your sexy play for now and years to come. 

You can trust that we'll stay on the leading edge of all things playful, sexy, and erotic for you and your partner's ultimate pleasure.

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