Your Roadmap to the Female Erogenous Zones

Your Roadmap to the Female Erogenous Zones

When it comes to female erogenous zones, there seems to be an outdated list floating around. This list focuses on only a few obvious spots, such as the clitoris and nipples. Yet, there are so many other sexually-arousing areas to explore!

Erogenous comes from the Greek words "eros" (love) and "genius" (producing). Fitting, eh?

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Female Erogenous Zones 101

A lesbian couple smiling and touching noses

If you're wondering what an erogenous zone is, here are a couple of definitions: 

  • Producing sexual excitement or libidinal gratification when stimulated: sexually sensitive
  • A sensitive area on the body that causes sexual arousal when it is touched

Erogenous zones on the female body vary from lesbian to lesbian, so be sure to check with your lover about any 'off-limit' places, such as the belly or the feet.

There are many "hot spot" areas on the female body to consider. Check out these 13 Erogenous Zones For Women. Whether gentle kissing and caressing get your partner in the mood, or hair pulling and bites to the nape of the neck, exploring the female erogenous zones increases the erotic potential and sexual response.

From Head To Toe

A woman kissing the back of her partner's neck because it is an erogenous zone

Enjoy this quick list of erogenous zones to explore before delving into the magic between your partner's legs.

Skin is our largest organ and offers a playground of many highly-sensitive areas to explore.

  1. Mouth & Lips: Your lips are super-sensitive, which is why a good make-out session feels so good. Lightly brushing your lips against your lover's is a wonderful way to create a spark.
  2. Eyelids, Forehead & Cheeks: Gentle kisses on these areas create a feeling of being cared for, which increases sexual confidence and trust.
  3. Fingertips: Lightly sucking on fingertips while holding eye contact is sexy and flirtatious.
  4. Armpits: While not a go-to for many women, some love having their armpits licked, especially after a bath or shower.
  5. Stomach: The belly/stomach can be a sexually-arousing place to trace lightly with your fingers, an ice cube, or warm stone. Playing as though you'll move further down, then stop. 
  6. Neck & Collarbone: Whether gentle kisses, nuzzling, orbiting, the neck is a turn on. 
  7. Wrist & Back Of Knees: Light feathery touches here or little nibbles go a long way to increasing your lover's heart rate.
  8. Ears: Add a few gentle bites between telling your lover what you plan to do will create arousal and a feeling of excitement and anticipation. 
  9. Inner Thighs: Tease, tease, tease here. Light strokes, nibbles, running a vibrator closer and closer to the genitals will have your partner squirming with delight.
  10. Feet: After a shower is a great time to explore the strong sensations a tongue can create, mimicking what you plan to do to her clitoris.  
  11. Upper & Lower Back: A massage or lightly caressing your nipples up and down her spine will get your both breathing hard. The area where the buttocks and lower back meet is a hot spot as well.
  12. Nipples: Nipple stimulation alone can bring some women to a powerful orgasm. Have fun here and spend some time moving from one nipple to the other. Be sure to communicate if your lover uses too much or too little pressure, biting, or sucking.
  13. Center Of Chest: Don't let the nipples have all the attention! The area between the breasts and outside the areola is an enticing and exciting area to tease.

Going Down?

Two women kissing and smiling in bed

Now that we've covered many of the body parts, we'll focus on the genitals and the anus.

Before stimulating the clit or g-spot, the vulva is a highly-sensitive area to tease. Here you can use a sex toy, finger, or mouth to stimulate the area. It's a wonderful way to get your partner wet and ready for penetration (if that's what is on the menu).

Your lover might be expecting you to go right for the clit; she might even want you to. So slooooow down the process and enjoy how your partner responds and perhaps begs you to focus on other previously-unexplored areas.

Ifs, Ands, or Butts

The anus is another area of the body full of nerve endings and blood flow. And, no, not all butt play means deep and possibly painful penetration. The anus itself can be enough to get your partner writhing with unexpected pleasure. Teasing the anus with a lubricated finger, small vibrator, or your tongue can be highly pleasurable.

Doing this is a great way to get your partner ready for deeper play if that's what she desires. Some women get off by the insertion of a finger in the anus and the vagina during oral sex. *KABOOM!*

Clitorally Speaking

Often referred to as the most sensitive place on the female body, the clitoris is as unique as any snowflake, which is fascinating! Some women prefer a light touch, some harder, and some none at all. 

Whatever you do, never shame your lover for what she may like or dislike. Many of us have been there. And it sucks (not in a good way). 

Exploring all the other female erogenous zones before saying hello to your little friend will do a LOT for your love life. It creates deep feelings of care, intimacy, and orgasmic urgency. How exciting is it to have your partner begging you to make her cum because she can't take it anymore!

That's A Wrap

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We hope your foray into female erogenous zones adds some spice to your love life. Wet For Her invites you to visit our site often to read our informative blogs, pursue our excellent products, or join our Orgasmic Loyalty Program. Until next time!