Celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day

Celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day

Celebrating Bisexuality Day

Here’s To The “B” in LGBTQ!

September 23rd has been celebrated as Bisexuality Visibility Day since 1999. It's a day to champion the achievements of the bisexual community and also helps shine light on the discrimination that bisexuals face in their daily lives. While visibility matters for all minority groups, bisexuals are vulnerable to erasure in the LGBTQ community as a whole.

Bisexuality is real, valid, and certainly nothing new

Lesbians and bisexual women have a long intertwined history as leaders in the queer rights movement. Bisexual women like Brenda Howard, known as the “Mother of Pride”, have been foundational in LGBTQ activism. Today bisexual activists like Wendy Curry and Robin Ochs continue to lead the charge for civil rights for all sexual minorities.

Even still, bisexuals are often met with a skepticism from both the straight and queer communities, known as double discrimination. Biphobia can manifest in direct aggression or as dismissal of a bisexual person’s experience. Common biphobic myths include the idea that it’s just a phase or that bisexuals are more likely to be unfaithful to their partners.

This double discrimination is one reason bisexuals are less likely to be out to all their friends and family. A Pew Research study found that only 28% of bisexuals are open about their sexuality with all the people close to them, as opposed to 71% of lesbians who can say the same. Positive bisexual visibility in culture and media is key to closing this gap and creating a more inclusive community.

Any Percentage Is “Enough”

As a a female-lead queer business, Wet For Her understands that sexuality isn’t simple. Our community is built by and for women who love women. While this is our truth, we know that love is vast and complex. Many women who love women also love other genders, and we want those folks to feel welcome and valid here too.

Other sexual identity labels have grown in popularity and in some cases displaced the term bisexual. Some prefer to use pansexual, defined as attraction to the entire gender spectrum. Other folks prefer more open-ended terms like “sexually fluid” or “queer” to describe themselves. These distinctions in labels stem from philosophical, practical, or simply generational preferences. At the end of the day, it comes down to what word feels right for you and best fits your sexual partners.

Being bisexual isn’t a 50/50 experience

There isn’t a threshold percentage of same-gender attraction to qualify for the LGBTQ community. At Wet For Her, the issue of bisexual inclusion in our community comes down to a simple principle: we believe women when they tell us their experience.

We don’t need receipts. It's not our job to decide which of your sexual fantasies are valid. We're here to connect you with the perfect toys to play them all out!

Sexually Fluid Playthings

So the real question is: do bisexuals need twice as many sex toys? While it surely can’t hurt to load up your toy trunk for every possible sex scenario, certain toys offer more flexibility than others.

As the name implies, the Enby leads the pack of genderqueer toys. This dynamic vibrator can be utilized in a variety of ways, since the flexible “wings” are designed to grip, rub, fold around, or grind against virtually any body part. The unique shape makes it easy to slide into the front of virtually any harness, adding a buzz to the experience for both the Wearer and Receiver. With the Enby, you can go where the erogenous winds take you.

Many bisexual women discover strapon play with their female partners

But really, penetrative play is on the table for any body that enjoys it. If you like wearing a strap-on, explore pegging with male partners for a hot exchange of traditionally gendered sex roles. In either case, get the harness that is comfortable and makes you feel sexy. Dildos with a moldable core like the Shiloh or Union allow you to customize the angle and curve for your partner's pleasure.

Everyone has a butt!

Anal play toys are all gender neutral, and add an extra layer of intensity for any gender during sex. If trying anal for the first time, start small and go slow while applying lots of lube. Butt plugs are a great place to begin, but the possibilities are endless.

Regardless of gender, your partners will want to see you get off. Pick the toys that work best for your body and experiment with your lovers on how to incorporate them into your sex life.

There’s no better way to celebrate yourself and your sexuality than with an orgasm.