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  • We're Thankful For The Trevor Project
  • Celebrating Bisexual Visibility Day

    Any Percentage Is “Enough”

    As a a female-lead queer business, Wet For Her understands that sexuality isn’t simple. Our community is built by and for women who love women. While this is our truth, we know that love is vast and complex. Many women who love women also love other genders, and we want those folks to feel welcome and valid here too.

  • Science Of Sex Dreams

    While You Were Sleeping

    Sleeping is a critical part of the human body’s restorative process. Taking a nightly pause lets your body repair damaged cells, produce hormones, and calm the autonomic nervous system. It's also when your brain converts information collected that day into long-term memories.

  • The Lesbian Sex Survey Part II


    Listening and valuing the feedback we receive from our community is central to the Wet For Her mission. In an industry that’s dominated by male's visions, we originally set out to break the (dildo) mold and create completely new objects of pleasure with lesbians in mind. As the years have flown by, the Wet For Her product line has expanded to six unique toys and our market reach has expanded to a global scale. 

  • Pride Play List Lesbian Tunes


    0ver 280 cities around the world have either postponed or outright canceled Pride 2020 celebrations in response to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is undoubtedly the right call for public health, as Pride Fest has never been a “socially distant” affair. If anything, it’s the opposite; Pride is a celebration of bodies, sexuality, gender expression, and community all wrapped up in one sweaty, crowded, dancing parade. We love it, and like many in the LGBTQ community, we look forward to Pride Month all year long.


  • 7 Tips for Shower Sex

    Water is Elemental

    Social distancing doesn't have to mean disconnecting. Still, many folks are finding it hard to let go of anxieties and stay connected to their own bodies. Water can be a healing tool that grounds the present moment and helps soothe mind and body. Taking a hot bath or shower can be one of the best ways to reconnect with your physical self. 

  • Queerantine : 7 Ways to Maintain Intimacy When You’re in Lockdown

    None of us expected 2020 to turn out like this! If you’d have asked us in January if we’d like to be holed up with no-one but our sweetheart to spend time with we might have said “hell yes, sounds idyllic” but after a week or so of living in lockdown you may be more aware of your lover’s vices than their virtues. And we’re talking leaving panties on the floor in a slob not a sexy way!

    Lockdown will put strain on the wellbeing of yourself, your loved ones and your relationships - whether you live together or not - it’s important that you take care of yourself and each other at stressful times so we’ve gathered together some advice on how to maintain intimacy with your lover during troubled times.

  • How many orgasms can you have?

    Pleasure Hunting

    The little death, getting off, coming — no matter what euphemismy ou prefer, few things in life are more pleasurable or sought after than a sexual climax. Orgasms are medically defined as a culmination of arousal that results in a release of sexual tension and a flood of hormones. Beyond this clinical definition, things get a little more fuzzy, particularly for women.

    Is it harder for women to orgasm than men? Do female orgasms require multiple sex toys, hours of foreplay, and a detailed road map to seek out lost erogenous zones? Are some orgasms better than others? Can women come from vaginal penetration alone or is the clit the magic switch that turns women on and off? To begin grappling with these questions, let’s dive into the 

  • Lesbian Sex A to Z

    Words are sexy. Here at Wet For Her, we enjoy stretching language to make space for the shifting nature of human sexuality. Words can be as light-hearted and fun as they can be powerful and fierce, and the language we use helps shape individual and cultural identities. 

  • Lesbians : will having kids impact your sex life?

    Do Kids Change Everything?

    In a word: Yes (but not the way you think) We’d be lying if we said otherwise, but growing your family doesn’t have to mean the end of orgasms. Sure, you might have fewer carefree days of spontaneous lusty sessions and more scheduled babysitter-buffered date nights. However, according to our recent Lesbian Sex Survey, lesbians with children were an overall 9% happier with their sex lives.

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