Guide to Transmasculine Toys

Guide to Transmasculine Toys

Guide to Transmasculine Toys

Open Doors Mean Fewer Gatekeepers

Our founding mission was to amplify lesbian voices and design sex toys that focus on women’s pleasure. Back in 2009 the majority of sex toy products hitting the market targeted heterosexual couples. Single or queer women were an afterthought to the industry, or erased entirely. So we started Wet For Her to promote pleasure and healthy sexuality for lesbian and bisexual women. 

As our company has grown and evolved, so has our community

Our awareness has grown too. We know that not everyone who shops with us identifies as a lesbian or even as a woman. Transgender communities are especially vulnerable to erasure, even though their presence is deeply intertwined with the “L” in LGBTQ’s shared history. 

With this in mind, our online shop offers a curated collection of transmasculine focused products. Much more than sex toys, these gender-affirming tools connect trans folks to their bodies and sexuality in deeper and more radical way. 

Chest Binders Help You Love Your Silhouette

Binders offer security, confidence, and a sexy silhouette to folks who exist at odds with their chest. Makeshift binding tactics, like ace bandages, are common but rarely a good long-term solution. Improper binding practices are a health concern that can lead to back problems or circulatory issues. A comfortable binder is a solid investment in your mental and physical health. 

By flattening the chest, binders can revolutionize the way clothing fits your body

Not only can binding increase your self-confidence, but impacts the way strangers engage with you. Our society strongly links "breasts" with "femininity", so wearing a binder is a direct way to communicate your masculinity to the world. 

The longer style binder can also smooth out some of the curves in your hips, which can result in men's pants resting on your waist differently. Shorter binders are better for activities like sports because they aren't as restrictive on your core. They are also significantly cooler during the summer months. 

Is That Masculine Gender Expression In Your Pants?

Soft packers serve many functions, the most obvious being the *bulging* confidence they give transmen navigating male-centered spaces. While packers do give an extra layer of masculine aesthetic, they do a lot more than earn gender affirmations. The added weight, bulk, and the sensation of touch all inject some genderplay into otherwise mundane experiences. 

Doing dishes? Boring. Doing dishes while wearing a packer? Hot. If you worry about being in public spaces while packing, try wearing it around your house alone to get comfortable. 

For folks with lower dysphoria, a packer can be a game-changer

It can be as subtle as the way you sit in a chair, but packing retrains your body to move through the world with a masculinized gender expression. 

All our packers are designed for extended wear, so they can be easily incorporated into your day-to-day. The soft hypoallergenic silicone is comfortable, and the base fits securely in almost any style harness. They can (and should) be cleaned regularly, typically with warm water and gentle soap. Our packers are resilient to heat and can be boiled for full sterilization. Apply cornstarch after washing, as this protects the realistic texture of the surface. 

Here at Wet For Her, we talk a lot about the beauty and diversity of vulvas. Of course, the same level of diversity exists in male anatomy, and our handmade packers from the NY Toy Collective showcases this spectrum. Each packer is available in several skin tones, and include nuanced details like veins, unique skin folds, and asymmetrical testicles. The Archer and the slightly larger Sailor are both circumcised, while the Pierre is uncut. 

Pack Soft & Play Hard

Pack-and-Play dildos are the perfect fusion of soft packers and fuckable dildos. Soft and small enough to wear all day, the internal metal core can flex and hold an erection. The Shiloh adds the power of spontaneity to your penetrative play, making sure you’re ready anytime, anywhere. 

The Carter is the second edition of this pack-and-play line that comes with extra girth relative to the slender Shiloh. While the Carter is *deeply* satisfying during sex, it is more noticeable under clothing making it a blast to use even if it is less stealthy. 

Of course, there is more than one way to play hard

We are pumped (ha!) to announce the addition of the FTM Pump to our store. The concept of a penis pump is far from new, but this FTM Pump is uniquely designed explicitly for trans and genderqueer bodies. Even the product packaging features images of a masculine chest with top surgery scars. The size of the pump ensures that it is compatible with a variety of bodies, and can accommodate those with little lower growth. The pump's cylinder has a flared base that ensures a snug, comfortable fit. Pumping increases sensation and size, but should not be painful. The results are temporary, but are well worth the effort. 

Let’s Talk Public Bathrooms

Finding them, using them, and leaving them untraumatized are struggles that reverberate throughout the entire transgender community. For transmen seeking safe access to a men’s room, a stand-to-pee (STP) packer can be essential. These hollow soft-packers do exactly what the name implies - help you pee while standing. 

The Sam STP was thoughtfully designed to meet the needs of the trans community

Simply put it’s one of the best STP options out there. It is comfortable to wear, easy to use, and simple to clean. The Sam STP fits with most harness designs, but both the STP & Packer Strap and Freestyle Pete are affordable options for STP's specifically. Underwear style harnesses like the Spareparts Tomboi Briefs are also great daily wear options for all our packers and STP’s. 

Diversity Is A Practice, Not A Result

The transmasculine collection is a big step, but by no means the last one in our journey towards equity and inclusion. Transmasculine identities are just one in a constellation of gender and sexuality intersections that exist and belong in our community. At the end of the day we want all marginalized sexualities to feel safe, seen, and experience belonging. 

Trans lives matter and trans bodies are beautiful. You belong here.