Lesbians : will having kids impact your sex life?

Lesbians : will having kids impact your sex life?

There are many complexities as to why women may feel this way. We believe it reflects a general trend that indicates sex is better with increased intimacy and communication. The bond of parenting can bring people closer together, and force a couple to confront communication issues that were not a challenge in life before children. 

Few things keep you honest and on your toes like a kid

If you do find yourself with an extra set of tiny feet (or two) running around the house, you’ll have to take advantage of moments that arise unexpectedly and do so quietly. It might be a challenge to find the time, but our survey indicates there are quite a few creative parents out there, with almost 33% finding time to get busy three times each week!

Time To Book A Baby-Sitter

Sometimes a quickie doesn’t cut it. Spending uninterrupted time with your partner can be a breath of fresh air in terms of connecting, reclaiming intimacy, and of course fucking loudly with abandon! Make sure to prioritize yourself and partnership amidst all the family-rearing chaos. The next time you have the opportunity to book a sitter for the night or even a weekend away, bring along our WanderLust Kit to spice up the trip. This Dark Chocolate & Gold themed kit, which includes massage oils and a set of silky restraints amongst the other delights, will bring revitalized energy to your bedroom fun.

Wait! What If I Don’t Have Kids Yet?

Don’t worry, we got you. If the next step in your life is baby-making, we have just the thing to help you pop one out. The POP Dildo is the wet dream of any lesbian couple who want to maximize the intimacy of conception for both partners. This insemination dildo can be filled with the sperm of your choosing and squirted out by way of a small hand-pump at the moment of climax. Since the first time isn’t always a charm, POP Refill Kits containing five additional tubes and one replacement bulb pump are also available.

Of course, this is 2019 and not everyone is planning on having kids

In fact, Millenials are significantly more likely to have pets than children. Our Lesbian Sex Survey found that 55% of lesbians don’t plan on having children. If you’re part of this growing majority the POP Dildo probably isn’t at the top of your list. But hey, if you’re creative (and kinky) enough, you can still find a few hot and non-reproductive ways to play with this toy

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