Lick your Lips - Sex toys for Oral Play

Lick your Lips - Sex toys for Oral Play

We don’t just love great oral sex; we’re also fans of the blended orgasm. By “blending” pleasure across multiple erogenous zones simultaneously, a climax can be reached that many report as more intense and longer in duration. 

Turn On Your Tastebuds

At Wet For Her we believe oral sex should be a full-bodied experience for both parties. Before diving into the main course, turn up the heat and warm up your tongue with an amuse-bouche.

Nip Nibblers add a tantalizing richness to any areola encounter, with flavors ranging from buttercream to bubblegum. Use this opportunity to offer lovers a glimpse into your unique approach to seduction.

Increase Your Reach

While your mouth is whispering sweet nothings to your lover’s nipples or clit, let your fingers go deeper than ever before. The Wet For Her Finger Extender grants almost 5 explosive inches to your finger-effing fun. The gentle curve is expertly aimed to give your partner’s g-spot the attention it deserves, and the sleek design makes this toy the tongue’s perfect accomplice.

Of course, the WFH Finger Extender is for more than just couple’s play. Try this toy solo for intense personal satisfaction. With enough patience and the will to succeed, this smooth silicone toy will be extending more than just your fingers.

Put Two Rings On It

A particularly fun path to intense and/or multiple orgasms is one that rides the edge. Don’t sprint to the destination; tease and taste and linger and torment.

The perfect accessory for the edging enthusiast, Ayu Finger Vibes take any sexual encounter to the next level. Discreet and direct, this single-motor vibrator easily attaches to a digit for skillful and accurate deployment. While it should NOT be inserted, the vibrator IS fully waterproof so all the moisture of desire won’t harm it one bit. 

Sensations In All The Ways

Ever knelt at the altar, praying for multiple orgasms? For a spiritual experience that’ll evoke the name of the Goddess over and over again, we’d like to recommend a toy as well as a position.

Lay your lover over a bed or pillow with their hips high and their legs wide. Grab your Miss Bi G5 Rabbit, the MVP of blended orgasmic toy options. This sleek silicone toy provides clitoral and g-spot stimulation with its two ergonomically-fulfilling bulbs and motors in each.

Since this vibrating dildo is handling two erogenous zones, that leaves your tongue free to explore. And since the Miss Bi G5 Rabbit can also be inserted anally, your options are as endless as your pleasure. 

When You’ve Got Nothing On But The Radio

Make mouth music with the LELO Siri 2 Vibrator, an incredible sex toy that’s 100% more powerful than the original and now fully waterproof.

But that’s not even the best part; the Siri 2 combines “the emotion of music with the vibrations of pleasure” by responding to ambient noise whether it's a favorite playlist or a lover's voice. 

Sounds hot.

Eight pre-set vibration patterns satisfy musical tastes from jazz to techno to reggae. You’ll be sure to find a station that hits just the right note, for you and those lucky enough to be on the receiving end of your lingual stimulation.

Come often, play safe, and do those tongue exercises.


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