Noisy Sex

Noisy Sex

Sexiest Form Of Performance Review

Sex is an activity of the senses, and we do mean *all* of them. Touch is the first sense that springs to mind, but the sight, smell, and taste of your lover are all powerful components of arousal, desire, and fantasy.

And then there’s sound, arguably one of the most erotic senses. If Words of Affirmation are a love language for you, it goes without saying that enthusiastic vocalization during sex is a major turn-on. Whether the feedback comes in the form of words, gasps, or moans, it is undoubtedly hot to gain (or give) immediate feedback on your partner’s pleasure.

The brain’s auditory processing system connects sounds with potent emotional memories

The resonance of your lover’s voice can bring up a flood of memories from previous sexual experiences. While “dirty talk” qualifies, typically it's the non-verbal noises - the licking, sucking, and gasping - that make vivid our most inner erotic fantasies. This connection is the foundation for the rise in popularity of Erotic ASMR, which is essentially porn for your ears.

It’s worth noting that much of ASMR, erotic or otherwise, isn’t loud. Sometimes it’s the subtle noises that send shivers across your skin. If loud sex isn’t a turn-on for you, that doesn’t mean you can’t still seduce your partner with a well-timed whisper. This, like all things, is a matter of personal preference; be honest with yourself and your partner about what you think is hot.

Sex So Loud The Neighbors Need A Cigarette

Sometimes the fantasy of amping up the volume on your sex life is about toeing the line of exhibitionism. An open window lets in a rush of cold air and lets your moans of pleasure out. This makes for a delicious combo if you’ve always liked the idea of being caught in the act.

It's debatable whether this will earn you the favor of your neighbors, but it is generally still a legal way to get your exhibitionist fantasies met.

More Power To Play

With no call to silence, the appeal of quiet motor toys is nullified. The fun but far from subtle toys can come out to play when all noises are on the table. The Hitachi Magic Wand is already an iconic toy, but the modern Hitachi is rechargeable and holds a three-hour charge. No longer restricted to sex within a plug’s reach, the only thing louder than the Hitachi’s magic motor rumbling will be your moans erupting.

Other magical toys

Like our own signature Union double dildo, don’t create a cacophony on their own but certainly encourage rambunctious play. The Union has an insertable bullet vibrator with a buzz felt by both the Wearer and Receiver. This unique strapless dildo has harmoniously brought many couples to a simultaneous climax.

Impact play is another loud affair worth exploring - see our Guide to Spanking for more lip (and ass) smacking details. Thuds, thwacks, slaps, and any other noises brought on by your favorite hitting implement can travel far on the airwaves. If you’re getting kinky in the bedroom, there’s no reason not to make an audible impression.