Pride Play List Lesbian Tunes

Pride Play List Lesbian Tunes

This year’s change was hard to accept

But looking out into the digital landscape we’ve gained hope. Virtual Pride events are popping up everywhere and it warms our hearts. Will it be the same? No. But it’s a good reminder that the LGBTQ community has a long history of evolving, adapting, and joining together in the face of hardship and adversity. Learning to bring our community together digitally will make us more resilient and builds a foundation for Pride celebrations to be more accessible and diverse in the future.

Our favorite element of past Pride events is the almost constant dance party

There’s no reason this year has to be any different. It doesn’t matter if you’re dancing solo, with your immediate household, or an entire Zoom call. Any way you shake it, dancing will decrease your stress levels, improve your mood, and provide general Good Feels. 

To celebrate Pride from home, we put together a Spotify playlist made by, about, and for women who love women! Pride Inside (Her) is the perfect soundtrack for sexy and sapphic socially-distant dance parties.

Dancing On My Own

When we put the call out to our community for their favorite lesbian artists, anthems, and songs, we got a great response! Everything from Cascada’s social distancing PSA encouraging folks to “Evacuate The Dance Floor” to Robyn’s heartfelt angst anthem “Dancing on My Own”. It’s easier to dance like no one is watching when you’re literally at home by yourself.

Dance movement therapy (DMT)

This is a healing modality that helps people connect and process their emotions through movement. Be present with your body and reflect on what Pride means to *you* when the collective party gets removed from the equation. Moving your body just to bring yourself pleasure is a revolutionary act. At the end of the day, Pride has always been about revolutionary acts of love.

The process of exploring these thoughts (combined with your wicked dance moves) may cause stirring in your nether regions. To extend the celebration, try following your solo dance party with a pleasurable afterparty to the beat of your favorite vibrator.

Girls Like Girls (Watch on Youtube)

If you’re looking for sweet songs to make a mixtape for your new online crush, we got you. Everyone from Lesbian Artists™? like Tegan & Sara to more fluid (but queer trending) folks like St. Vincent have a ballad about their experiences with the divine feminine. King Princess says it best in one of our favorite songs, “Pussy is God”. Sexually empowered singers with lustful crooning numbers make us swoon, but we also have a soft spot in our hearts for the sweetness of Hayley Kiyoko's crush feelings in “Girls Like Girls”.

Music can unlock memories or help imprint new ones

So having a badass soundtrack is essential. Song lyrics like KT Tunstall’s “Suddenly I See” helped more than one baby lesbian find her way out of the closet. What songs will become your 2020 anthems for celebrating Pride in a pandemic?

Drop us a line at any of our social accounts if you have a great song to add, as we'll be updating the Pride Inside (Her) playlist all month long. If it sparks rainbow joy for you please ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ with your friends!

Happy Pride from our hearts to yours.