We're Thankful For The Trevor Project

We're Thankful For The Trevor Project

November is a time to practice gratitude. Harvest celebrations, such as Thanksgiving, are a time when communities share in the year's bounty before the season turns. Typically family and friends will join together to feast collectively, but the pandemic this year makes things different. Some folks will celebrate together but from afar, opting to host a virtual gathering. Others may forego the feast altogether and find ways to support those with nowhere else to turn.

For us here at Wet For Her, November is about practicing gratitude for our community and finding ways to give back to those who need it most. This year we are focusing on the Trevor Project, a charity and advocacy organization that supports the mental health of LGBTQ youth.

What Is The Trevor Project?

Founded with the mission to end the suicide epidemic among young LGBTQ folks, the Trevor Project has evolved over the last two decades. Today it is a global leader in mental health advocacy for young queer people in over 100 countries around the world. The Trevor Project was launched by the creators of its namesake award-winning short film, TREVOR. It follows the journey of a young gay protagonist navigating his sexuality in an unsupportive environment.

Times have changed since the founders started their mission, but there is still much work to be done

The organization’s 2020 National Survey of LGBTQ Youth Mental Health is their second annual release of insights that provide a comprehensive snapshot of queer mental health in young folks today. The results are sobering. Almost half of LGBTQ respondents reported self-harming in the last year. That number rises to 60% among transgender and nonbinary youth. Queer youth also experience homelessness at higher rates than their heterosexual peers. Factors like housing instability put further stress on the mental health of young folks who are already struggling with their identities. Understanding this full picture is what makes advocacy groups like the Trevor Project so impactful on this complex issue.

The Trevor Project offers channels for 24/7 support via phone, text, or online chatting for immediate conversation or counseling. Social isolation amplifies depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation so community building is important both on and offline in the battle against suicide. TrevorSpace offers LGBTQ youth a safe digital arena to connect with each other. We all need someone to talk to at the end of the day, and sometimes having someone see the real you is what makes the difference.

We All Have Our Part To Play

Wet For Her will be giving back to our community directly and through donations to the Trevor Project, and we invite you to join us! Our November giveaway will include 10 vouchers worth $100 each for any toy in our store. Enter here for your chance to win. We will be matching this amount with a $1000 donation to the Trevor Project.

We’re also offering our community an additional chance to give back

Throughout November we will be donating $5 for every rechargeable bullet purchased from Wet For Her this month. A little buzz goes a long way, and we’re excited to get this fundraiser revved up!

Stretch Goals For Giving

Money isn’t the only way to contribute. If you aren’t shopping for vibrators (perhaps you already have the bullet of your dreams?), you can still help Wet For Her reach our stretch goal by following us on Instagram. If we reach our target goal of 3000 followers, we’ll donate an *additional* $3000 to The Trevor Project!

We are building towards a world that cherishes and supports all LGBTQ identities

Particularly those in their youth who are just beginning to understand themselves. Thank you for being a part of the Wet For Her community, and for helping us make a difference.

Remember that it does get better - because we make it better, together