Toys For Every Color Of The Rainbow

Toys For Every Color Of The Rainbow

June is finally here, and that means it’s time to celebrate pride month! In the United States, we use this month to commemorate the 1969 Stonewall Riots, a trans-led uprising against police raids of gay bars in New York City. Prominent figures of the Stonewall Riots include trans rights and gay liberation activists Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson, who participated in the riots and devoted their lives to uplifting the LGBTQ+ community.

While June is devoted to LGBTQ+ pride in the United States, pride events are held at different times all over the world. These events include marches, parades, rallies, dance parties, festivals, vigils and more. Whether they’re solemn or carnivalesque, these events are always celebratory. This year, throw your own pride celebration in the bedroom with some help from these Wet For Her toys. There are options for every color of the rainbow!

Red is for Romance!
Womanizer Premium 
If you’re bored with vibration (or if it just doesn’t work for you), the Womanizer Premium might be the toy of your dreams. Using air technology, the Womanizer provides intense clit stimulation that feels even better than oral sex! Add a touch of water-based lube to the rim if you want to intensify the suction.

Orange is for Orgasms!
Finger Vibrator 
Who needs to wear a ring when you can rock a sex toy on your finger? The silicone, rechargeable Mini Marvels Marvelous Massager will make your pride month magnificent! Slip your fingers into the toy’s grooves — then squeeze the tips tighter together to increase the intensity. With ten different speeds, this toy will surely please you (and your partner, too!).

Yellow is for Yes, Please!”
Strap-On Dildo Dilators 
Do you experience pain or discomfort during vaginal penetration? Experiment with a set of dilators until you can work your way up to taking a dildo. This silicone set offers five dilators in five different sizes (and yes, the smallest one is yellow). Pair these with water-based lube for a more comfortable experience. Pop one in and hang out for a while to help your body adjust to the girth or use any dilator as a self-pleasuring device or strap-on dildo.

Green is for Get It On!”
Finger Vibrator Teaser 
Celebrate pride with magic fingers! The green, leaf-shaped Marvelous Teaser vibrator easily fits between your fingers so you can hang on tight while you bring yourself or your sweetie to climax. With ten different speeds and settings (including pulsation), this vibrator will be your perfect companion all summer long.

Blue is for Babes!
Double Glass Dildo 
This double-ended dildo is double the fun! Made out of borosilicate glass, this toy will give you perfect G-spot or P-spot pressure when it’s used vaginally or in the back door. Glass is compatible with all types of lube, and you can easily warm it up and cool it down for some tempting temperature play.

Purple is for Passion!
Fusion Dildo 
If you’re looking for a silky-smooth silicone dildo that’s perfect for strap-on sex, add the Fusion dildo to your sex toy collection. Its ergonomic base allows the wearer to enjoy some clit stimulation while you thrust away. Pair this toy with water-based lube for the most comfortable bump n’ grind experience.

If You Cant Choose Just One Color, Try Whole Rainbow

Pride Anal Plug
Show your pride inside and out! This silicone butt plug is tapered for easy insertion. It even offers a suction-cup base, so you can easily use it solo. Make sure you use water-based lube to protect your booty from abrasions.

Rainbow Strap-On Dildo 
This sporty, silicone black dildo offers a subtle glimmer of gay pride with some rainbow stripes around the base. This dildo is curved, making it a perfect toy for hitting the G-spot or P-spot, and thanks to its wide base, you can wear it in a harness.

Pride Strap-On Dildo 
This smooth, silicone dildo is all rainbow all over, and thanks to its slight curve, it’s ideal for G-spot or P-spot pressure. Since this toy offers a suction cup base, you can celebrate pride solo, too.

Show Your Trans Pride
True Blue Strap-On Dildo 
Want to show the world (or at least your partner) that you’re trans and proud? This curved silicone dildo features the baby blue, pink and white stripes of the trans pride flag. Take advantage of its suction cup base for a good time alone.

Show Your Lesbian Pride
Beauty Strap-On Dildo
The “Beauty” is true to its name. This strap-on dildo features the colors of the lesbian pride flag. Thanks to its wide, suction cup base, you can use it solo or pair it with a harness.

Asexual Pride
Ace Asexual Anal Plug 
Ace folks, there’s finally a butt plug that’s specifically made for you! This silicone toy features the black, grey, white and purple stripes of the asexual pride flag. Make sure you use water-based lube to protect your behind.